Simple ways to speed up your laptop

We all spend countless hours on our laptops every day. Whether it’s for work, play, or both, no one likes waiting for pages and streaming services to buffer and load. You check the Wi-Fi service, and everything seems fine. Oops; it just so happens your laptop is as slow as molasses. Well, the good news is you can easily speed it up. Keep reading to learn how.

Remove junk apps

Over time, you may have installed numerous apps you no longer use. Sure, they were fun at one time, but now you’ve forgotten you even had them. Yet, too many apps can instantly slow down your laptop as they consume both space and memory. It’s okay; there is a quick and easy solution.
Simply sort through your list of installed apps and uninstall the apps you no longer use. You can also sort by date and size to determine which apps take up the most space. Once you complete this step, you’ll notice your laptop will start to compute at a faster pace.

End resource-heavy tasks

Open up your task manager, and you’ll see a list of running tasks. These tasks are often sorted by CPU, memory, disk, and network. Search for the tasks that appear to use a lot of memory or much of the disk. You can either close the task normally, or click on “End Task.”

Consider a RAM upgrade

If you feel the need for speed, then it might be time to upgrade your RAM. It isn’t as costly as you think, and you will be impressed with the faster speed. To illustrate, if your laptop operates with under 2GB of RAM, then a few extra GBs won’t hurt. Plus, if you include an SSD, you’ll feel like you’ve just purchased an entirely new laptop at only a fraction of the cost. If you aren’t comfortable with installing your own ram you can hire laptop repair and upgrade specialists to do this on your behalf, you’ll only pay an extra charge for the Labour required.

Install a cleaner app

As the months and years pass, your laptop will accumulate loads of unused registry files, temporary files, cookies and more. These things act like digital cobwebs, creating a much slower machine. Your laptop doesn’t need all that unnecessary data. So, what should you do? Well, you can install a cleaner app which will search your hard drive for any irrelevant files using up your disk space. Then, it will remove them making your laptop much faster. Remember if you’re not technically minded and want someone to do this for you then you can get remote IT support where using a screen share software an expert can access your computer and carry out the installation.
Don’t throw away your laptop just yet. As you can see, there are several ways to speed it up and lengthen its lifetime of effective use.