Production means of nonwoven hand bags

However, with all the fine print with the guests around the product and also environmental defense requirements always increase, the emergence of several new non-woven stamping, here we all introduce many mainstream industry: First, the particular watermark. Due to use regarding water-based glue blast named since print mass media, are more widespread in the particular textile stamping, also called printing. Stamping the stick and water-based adhesive glue bombs to be able to reconcile.

Model and stamping photos with out chemical solvents, rinse out with h2o directly. That features excellent color durability, fastness and also covered together with strong, washable, which has no odor. Next, the gravure stamping. Processed this way are typically called laminating non-woven hand bags product. This technique in a couple of steps, which is, first while using the traditional gravure stamping process for the graphic motion picture, coating process and use pattern will probably be printed about non-woven blend film. Color pattern is normally a large part of

non-woven hand bags are printed applying this process. That features attractively printed, full usage of machine creation, short creation cycle. One more product provides excellent h2o resistance, durability with the finished merchandise than some other non-woven hand bags production method better. Mild and matte motion picture are a couple of options, using a frosted matte result! Drawback is that there are a discord with the thought of environmental defense, because motion picture is challenging to decay.

Third, the warmth transfer. Thermal exchange printing inside the printing are usually special! This technique requires the particular intermediate method, that could be the first artwork printing to be able to thermal exchange or winter transfer papers, film, recycle bag and heated from the transfer system to exchange the pattern around the non-woven fabric. Commonly found in textile stamping in winter transfer method is motion picture. Its positive aspects are: beautifully published version of the degree of rich, similar photos. Small part of

color photos for stamping. The disadvantage could be the high value, high expense of stamping.
Bags together with cotton, but in addition non-woven, and enviromentally friendly protection lies in whether the particular degradation of the materials. One of them, the countrywide standards regarding environmental running of substance is polyethylene, due to its ability to be able to degrade some other materials will be relatively excellent. Bags styles to fulfill different wants. Classified simply by shape:

three-dimensional hand bags, flat hand bags (not necessarily the thickness with the common environmentally friendly bags), bags conclusion organ (which is, at the conclusion of the particular thickness, the thickness with the bags failed to surface), intricate (Evaluate) motion picture non stiched bag cina, vest hand bags, folding hand bags (bag bag), Drawstring hand bags, hand hand bags rope.

Simply by patterns: web color (simple) hand bags, color hand bags, heat exchange bags, balanced out bags, padded bags, silk hand bags (the most frequent color with the bags are usually printed). Simply by Size Group: Standard dimensions bags, little bags, huge bags. Type by specific request: tailor-made hand bags, insulation hand bags, silver-green hand bags, reusable purchasing bags. In accordance with different age group levels, bags may be divided as follows: cartoon-type bags for a few children, simple-type hand bags for just like simple friends Computer Engineering Articles, and the particular DIY bags were created for many who like to create custom-made. The hand bags are suited to companies together with supporting the particular sale regarding his products to own promotion regarding efficiency.