Online Jio recharge – keep it safe

Cyber crimes and virtual thefts are terms that we keep hearing quite often these days. Things like hacking, spamming and phishing are common forms of such crimes where digital devices like computers, laptops and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones of users are used for carrying out the criminal activity, unknown of courses to the user.  Such incidents of crime have been on rise, even in India, ever since the digital medium has been experiencing exponential growth and boom.

Cyber crime is something that can be prevented, to a great extent, if end users or consumers behave responsibly while carrying out any kind of online activity that involves financial transactions like a Jio recharge or furnishing personal details like filling out an online application form. A lot can be done by us, the common man, to ensure that our information is protected and is being used safely.

Making online payments safely

Few simple and basic things that the user needs to do while carrying out a Jio recharge or transferring money online or making payments in the virtual world. Things like –

  • Using a reliable security suite on your computer system and mobile device to protect against malware, ransomware and hardware viruses.
  • Choosing robust passwords by using appropriate combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. Download a free or paid password management system that will create complicated and encrypted passwords on your behalf that are impossible to be broken down by cyber thieves. It also helps in handling multiple accounts.
  • Keeping your operating system updated also helps considerably in keeping frauds at bay.
  • Use secure Wi-Fi connection for Jio recharge and other online transactions. Stay away from using public internet connectivity. Best is to engage in financial transactions online only from your home. However, if it urgent and needs to be done at outdoors, prefer to use your Mobile Data network rather than a public Wi-Fi network.
  • A very essential thing to do for parents is to educate their kids about cyber crime and how one needs to be smart in handling strangers online or not divulge personal information to any source in the virtual world.
  • Create an exclusive email id that pertains to online shopping, payments and recharges. The logic is that doing this will stop you from being targeted through spam emailers and promotional sales mailers.
  • Never save your user ids, passwords and personal details on a browser. Especially on computer terminals that are used by others too, at home, office or at any public place.
  • Download apps only from reliable developers and sellers. While downloading apps one must spend some time reading through the comments of existing and past users as well as the terms and conditions.
  • While getting Jio recharge done online or making payments against any form of online purchase, it is important to ensure that the seller or the reseller is trustworthy and has a favourable reputation in the market. Such reputed merchants will ensure strong security systems in place. For merchants that do not seem trustworthy, it is better to opt for cash on delivery.