How to Prevent MITM Attack?

If you think that a password can save your personal data and that your mobile phone is perfectly safe, then it’s about time you change your opinion. These days, the threat of cyber attacks is a common thing. Not only has the advance in technology made it easier to communicate throughout the globe but it has also left important information and data vulnerable to attacks. This is especially true for international business and global banking. Nowadays, you can access your money and make business transactions through internet, from anywhere in the world. This includes giving out your personal as well as financial information on the web. Any third-party or hacker can access this information with little tech knowledge and minimum effort.

There have been many instances where major business companies and grand labels fell victim to cyber attacks and suffered a lose of millions of dollars. The common method which enables hackers to get into the internal IT system of a business is man in the middle attack. This article elaborates on what exactly MITM attack is and how you can prevent it.

What is Man in the Middle Attack?

In simple words, man in the middle attack is described as active eavesdropping. Two business parties communicate with each other through emails however, without them knowing a hacker is intercepting their mails and controlling the pace of the communication. The concerned parties think they are talking directly to each other but the hacker is acting as the Man in the Middle, hence the name of the attack. The hacker misleads both parties about the actual terms of the business contract and diverts the deal in order to profit himself, such as transferring business payments to his bank account.

More and more business companies are investing in the IT department in order to ensure complete cyber security. However, making an online system safe from all kinds of cyber attacks is a lot harder than you think. So, here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid man in the middle attacks.

Intrusion Detection System

One of the most common way to enhance cyber security is the Intrusion Detection System, abbreviated as IDS. You can install this mega software on the internal domain of your company’s IT system. IDS monitors the traffic flow of your system closely and sends an alert when someone tries to infiltrate it. The disadvantage of IDS is that it raise a lot of false alarms, leading to employees and users online disability.

Virtual Private Network

Most of the businesses use unencrypted emails to approach users especially when advertising their brands. What we know as spam mail is due to the unencrypt data. Always avoid mails and web address that do not have the HTTPS tag before it. VPN allows companies to encrypt their data and add extra protective layers when exchanging sensitive and confidential data over the web.

Anti-Spoofing Tools

You can also prevent man in the middle attack by using special tools that employ advanced address resolution protocol such as XARP, ARPOn and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). These measures can limited snooping over the web network and help prevent MITM attacks.