DJI Launches ‘Ultraportable’ Drone

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the best-selling drones by DJI company. Actually DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone dollars can buy. Many drone pilots use DJI Mavic Pro for various purposes, and one of them is a long distance flying as well as recording ultra high-quality videos.

But this news is not about Mavic Pro, DJI a few months ago released a new Mavic, Mavic Air. Mavic Air is excellent as the Mavic Pro but slightly different. Both of drones are capable of recording the same quality videos. But the difference is in the weighs. Mavic Air is 41% lighter than Mavic Pro, and by that, it is portable drone which you can carry with yourself anywhere you go. If you fold the Mavic Air, then you will have a half the size drone comparing it to the Mavic Pro.

With almost the same features and abilities, Mavic Air is more portable and usable for wider customers. The price for the Mavic Air is also cheaper because some of the capabilities are not as great as the ones in Mavic Pro. For example, with Mavic Air, you can stay in the air for 21 minutes while Mavic Pro can stay 27 and also you can but mavic air drone above 500 dollars. With Pro, you can fly around 7km in a range while Air does the only 4km.

Both Mavic versions have a decent system for avoiding obstacles. Mavic Air will avoid obstacles automatically, rerouting the flying plot and passing by the obstacle and not just hovering on the same spot and waiting for the pilot to give a new plot.

The ultraportable drone needs to have some abilities lowered to be ultraportable. But because of that ultraportable Mavic Air has its own customers. Mostly pilots who are looking for a portable drone with high performance will benefit from Mavic Air.


The price for a new Mavic version is lower than the Pro version, and that is one another reason why some of the new drone pilots will choose DJI Mavic Air instead of DJI Mavic Pro.

But you should know that DJI also has a DJI Spark, a portable drone which price is around 500$, while Mavic Air is 300$ expensive. Will this price difference make the impact on the drone selling is yet to be determined, but we all know that DJI Spark is capable of many drone piloting abilities and have a decent flying performance? And DJI Spark is actually portable drone that can also be folded and you can also carry it in a pocket. So the question remains why did Mavic Air be released and why it cost so much more than DJI Spark. Maybe it is the branding decision. We all know Mavic Pro is an excellent drone, and by selling a new drone with a portable option under the same name can bring more profit to the company.

DJI is the leader in a drone manufacturing business and until now they real competition is Yuneec, but their share of the market is very low. Because of that we can without trouble say that the DJI has the monopoly on drone building field. GoPro tried to get into the drone business, but after the failure with the GoPro Karma, they decided to leave the drone building business and focus more on the high-quality cameras in which they are a leading company. Because of that DJI have more market and less competition and they can do things like releasing slightly different drones under a same brandable name to make even more profit.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mavic Air is a decent drone capable of high performance and equipped with many features. But the question remains why is this drone made when the DJI already have Ultraportable drone under a name DJI Spark which is actually cheaper than the DJI Mavic Air.

My advice to all new pilots is to get DJI Spark if you are looking for a portable drone that is capable of making decent videos or get a DJI Mavic Pro and have the best drone on the market. DJI Mavic Air is a drone that is neither the best nor the cheap version of portable drone. It is meant for people who wish to have the same things from both worlds, great performance and being mobile.