The actual pipe internal coating technologies

Pipe inner coating building technology at the moment, the gasoline pipeline internal coating associated with drag decrease technology within Europe and america developed countries may be widely utilized in pipeline business, for instance, Canada as well as Germany has generated large size pipeline, spray about the inner wall from the pipeline, epoxy layer, in order to lessen the rubbing of gasoline transportation.

To create the inner coating associated with drag decrease technology within pipeline reveal its great characteristics within the actual procedure, we should attach significance to pipeline internal coating, since the pipeline internal coating is really a key technology from the internal layer construction, internal layer quality may directly influence about the performance from the internal layer technology as well as service existence. Could end up being attained only using advanced as well as reliable technologies, high high quality of layer steel tube, and successfully extend the actual service existence of pipeline, greatly enhance the efficiency from the pipe production pursue.

Pipe inner coating technologies research begins late within our country, especially in long-distance, large size gas pipeline engineering hasn’t yet already been application good examples, to strengthen the study. As astringent NingLan, zhong wu, west in order to east gasoline pipeline length for that construction associated with gas pipeline, internal layer drag decrease technology can get promoted, consequently, must very carefully study as well as master the actual coating technologies of inner coating, strictly control the caliber of the layer process, promote the use of internal layer technology within our country.

The internal coating technology in your own home and overseas, the development degree of the tube coating procedure and equipment is by using the improvement and application of numerous anticorrosive films in as well as continuous improvement. Tennessee gasoline pipe within 1955 for the very first time in request of layer steel tube. After years of improvement, with the actual practical value from the new technologies and brand new technology seem constantly.

Many international famous metal pipe grow and pipeline building engineering organization has gathered rich working experience, such since the German mannesmann, Japoneses NKK as well as Dutch Selmers, NOVA, North america, the Usa of CRC as well as Singapore BrederoPrice organization, has an entire and ideal for different tube diameter and period of surface pretreatment as well as spraying manufacturing line, and also have many many years of building experience as well as good overall performance. Overall, foreign businesses in layer production collection technical degree is greater than domestic, and it is high level of automation gear, low failing rate, trouble-free procedure time is actually long, wide appropriate diameter range and also the overall layer quality is actually reliable. For that Japanese metal pipe (NKK) circulation chart from the internal layer carbon metal pipe.

Although coating within the pipe layer aspects within China began late, but recently, various oilfields tend to be successively setup the tube coating technologies team with regard to tackling crucial problems as well as coatings utilized in internal layer, the internal surface pretreatment as well as sprayer and so forth has continued the heavy research, offers obtained numerous encouraging outcomes, such because daqing YouJian building technology investigation institute associated with successful improvement of moderate and little diameter tube internal layer a movie forming technologies, can enhance the efficiency associated with 34 occasions;

Construction technologies research start of The far east petroleum and gas corporation effectively developed metal pipe internal surface associated with powder electrostatic spraying technologies, ensure the standard and safety from the pipe internal coating manufacturing; Zhongyuan oilfield, shengli oilfield created internal layer of metal pipeline fixing patch coater device and layer detection, which could realize fixing, testing, integration, fill up the empty of household pipe inner coating fixing technology.

Lately, victory You Jian tube 2 CRC launched from america within the liquid epoxy layer and layer production collection, can end up being completed inside 60 920 mm size of layer operations. The outcomes of this particular study significantly shorten the actual gap along with developed nations, to market the gas and oil pipe inner coating technologies promotion as well as application within our country.