Brain Puzzles: It is good to use?

We meet different people in our life, people of different age, sex, qualities and skills. Sometimes we meet a person who is famous for his photographic memory or someone who is suffering from memory loss. Difference in mental level and memory of people relies on two major factors; first their genetics and second their environment. Just like there are people who are born rich and people who have earned their wealth, there are people who are born with high intelligence level and others who have worked for it. Just like any other field hard work plays an important role in making you a super genius.

Why this happens?

The reason behind environmental factor is simple. Our brain is made with muscles like any other part of our body. These muscles need regular nutrition and exercising to stay fit and healthy. Brain teasers and brain puzzles are those feeds that our brain wants. For brain thinking and analyzing is an activity that starches them and just like muscles of other body parts they feel stretched out by solving a brain puzzle.

Why is it good to use?

Brain teasers and brain puzzles are important because they help our brain in staying active. We start losing our cerebral muscles during young age. The small amount of brain cells start to decay in as we turn 30 and it affects our brain power. The two major areas that are affected by this are short term and remote memory system. We start forgetting small things and names of people we have not met for long time. Increased stress level, hectic lifestyle and work pressure play role of catalyst in this decay. However the situation can be improved by following some simple steps and by playing mental games like brain puzzles and teasers.

Some simple brain exercises like card tricks, mathematical puzzles like Sudoku and memory games are the kind of stretching our brain muscles want. These exercises not only refresh you but also help you in staying active and fit in longer run. Brain puzzles are good to use for their long term benefits. They give the kind of stimulation and exercise our brain needs. The benefits of solving brain puzzles are many but some of them are mentioned in below mention points-

Solving brain teasers or brain puzzles have several long term and short term benefits. The best among them is that they make you feel happy.

  • Short term benefits- short term benefits are those that comes on the spot without making you wait. Brain puzzles have several short term benefits like
    • Brain puzzles are the best time pass activity anyone can have
    • Completing a brain puzzle is a passion and gives the player feeling of accomplishment after finishing it.
    • Playing brain puzzles and solving it within time gives happiness and increases self confidence.
    • Brain puzzles reduces stress. The player feel refreshed after solving a puzzle.
  • Long term benefits- solving brain puzzles play an important role in healthy brain functioning in longer run. Research have shown that people who play brain puzzles have
    • low risk of age related mental diseases
    • increase in analytical, logical and cognitive skills
    • better IQ level
    • Sharp memory etc.

Thus brain puzzles are seriously good to use.